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the Bachelors degree will be relevant. What is taught and how it is taught is in many ways - unique to the School of Business and Economics at rwth Aachen University, and reflects the School's dedication to its goals. Voraussetzungen, fachliche Voraussetzungen, voraussetzung fr die Studienaufnahme ist ein erster Hochschulabschluss. Sprachkenntnisse in Deutsch und Englisch, mehr Informationen, was ist damit gemeint? All graduates of the business or business and engineering Bachelors programs offered by the School of Business and Economics fulfill the profile of requirements. Der zunehmenden Komplexitt begegnet man am besten mit effizienzorientierter und unternehmensbergreifender Gestaltung, das heit mit der konsequenten Optimierung smtlicher Prozesse. Although the School Council is not in agreement with this reasoning, it is, of course, obliged to respect the Ministrys decision. The intention of this proposal was to ensure a fairer distribution of admissions than a procedure would that is based solely on the grade of the Bachelors degree. The School of Business and Economics.

Zulassung fr Erstsemester frei kein NC, zulassung hhere Semester frei kein NC, sprachvoraussetzungen siehe Studiengangbeschreibung, termine und Fristen. Come and study with us in the vibrant German city of Aachen, only a stone's throw away from Belgium and the Netherlands! Zur Einschreibung in diesen Studiengang muessen Sie Kenntnisse in allen Unterrichtssprachen nachweisen. The reason given was that there are plans to implement a pilot project across the whole federal state which would consider ects-percentiles as entrance and admission requirements. Students beginning the Master program in the summer semester should observe the following: The mandatory modules Pflichtmodule are usually offered in the winter semester.

Corporate Development and Strategy, diese vier Spezialierungen spiegeln das Profil der Fakultt fr Wirtschaftswissenschaften wider. Although the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia in its capacity as the relevant regulatory authority essentially welcomed our proposal, the proposal was rejected. How Our Master's Degree Program Is Structured. There is one exception to this rule, and that is where mandatory modules Pflichtmodule are concerned; however, the applicant must provide evidence with the admission application that the modules in question are actually mandatory ones. Sie enthlt in ihrem Anhang die Beschreibung der Module, aus denen sich der Studiengang zusammensetzt.

Evidence may not be submitted after the deadline for submission of admission applications has expired (for example, if an examination has not yet been graded). Was ist damit gemeint? Thus, students beginning the program in the summer semester may only take the core elective modules Wahlpflichtmodule whereby it is recommended to select modules from the general core elective section Allgemeiner Wahlpflichtbereich (i.e. Evidence of English language proficiency must be provided with your admission application! Sprachliche Voraussetzungen, fr den Studiengang mssen sowohl deutsche als auch englische Sprachkenntnisse nachgewiesen werden. Without a restricted number of participants). The School has established four Research Areas which the different specializations of the Master's program are oriented towards and which you can get more detailed information on here.

Whereas you can expect us to provide an excellent environment for you to learn and develop in, we expect you to have an international, outward-looking attitude and to be receptive towards a "science and technology" approach to your Business Administration studies. Die geforderte fachliche Vorbildung ist in der Prfungsordnung formuliert. In Business Administration program of study, the School last year made the decision to introduce a restricted admission procedure (Numerus Clausus). Downloads, why Take Our Master's Degree in Business Administration? Or an academic career? Due to the greatly increased number of applications for the Schools.

Ects sind Leistungspunkte, die den Arbeitsaufwand im Studium messen. Ihre interdisziplinre Ausrichtung bezieht sich auf die Schnittstelle zwischen den Wirtschaftswissenschaften und den Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften und orientiert sich an den vier Forschungsfeldern der Fakultt. Together with the Fachschaft (the Schools student representative body the School elaborated a proposal for such a procedure which in addition to the grade also took the so-called ects-percentile into account (i.e. One important step has already been taken: the School applied and was accepted to participate in the above mentioned pilot project. Our Master of Science in Business Administration degree program is dedicated to the optimization of supply chain processes, focusing on the growing internationality of such processes and on the increasing significance of cutting edge information technologies. Mehr Informationen, was ist damit gemeint? That the candidate is entitled to move on to the next level -. Die fachspezifische Prfungsordnung regelt rechtsverbindlich Studienziele, Studienvoraussetzungen, Studienablauf und Prfungen. Hochschulabschluss, fachliche Vorbildung gem.

If the Bachelors degree program of study has not yet been fully completed, the current average grade will be taken into consideration, as will also the sum of the credit points for modules which have not yet been. To be successful in either, you need the best possible university education, and our interdisciplinary, professional oriented Master's degree program is geared to give you precisely that. We accept the following qualifications: DSH/TestDaF/KMK II/KDS/Groes Deutsches Sprachdiplom/Deutsche Sprachprfung II des Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institutes Mnchen (Mnich). A further reason for this recommendation is that registration for modules in the specialized core elective section (Spezieller Wahlpflichtbereich with a restricted number of participants is implemented before the semester begins). Academic Requirements: a an accredited degree in business/economics (e.g. Please refer to the section "Information for Current Students" for information about the specializations, the examination regulations, and the curriculum. For more detailed information, please consult the following webpages.

For more information on the School of Business and Economics, see here. The following qualifications are accepted: toefl/ielts or equivalent. The School of Business and Economics regrets the current situation and intends to do all it can to install a fairer procedure as soon as possible. Direkt tragen betriebliche Funktionen, wie die Produktion oder die Logistik, zur Wertschpfung bei. This new procedure takes the academic and language proficiency requirements as well as the grading of the applicant's first degree into consideration. Certification of the language proficiency must clearly show that the B2 level has been fully acheived in each of the 4 domains "reading "speaking "comprehension and "writing.e. However, all applicants must fulfill the stringent academic requirements which have been applied ever since the introduction of the Masters degree program.

C evidence of your language proficiency, if neither your first degree nor your university entrance qualification was gained from a German-speaking institution, you must provide evidence of your proficiency in the German language. With all the benefits that only a compact-sized school can offer to its students, the School of Business and Economics is an integral part of one of the world's leading universities of technology: rwth Aachen University. The following language proficiency qualifications are accepted: toefl (at least 90 points). Die fr ein erfolgreiches Studium erforderlichen Kenntnisse sind in der jeweiligen Prfungsordnung (PO) festgelegt. As of the winter semester 2015/2016, a two-phase admissions procedure has been in place. Exceptions are not possible! Starting the Program in the Summer Semester. Ielts (at least.5 fCE (at least a "B placement-Test des Aachener Sprachenzentrums (at least MK7). This means, then, that the Universitys general selection regulation will enter into force for the Numerus Clausus procedure, according to which solely the grade of the Bachelors degree will be relevant. nderung 20/21 what Are the Admission Requirements?

Fakultt Der Masterstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre wird angeboten von der Fakultt fr Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Research Areas, the profile of the School of Business and Economics is characterized by interdisciplinary research that incorporates ideas from the field of business and economics together with those from the natural and engineering sciences. Thanks to its innovative structure, our Master's degree program will give you a solid and broad foundation in all aspects of Business Administration, whilst enabling you to select the specialization which best fits your interests and needs. Ects-Punkte: 120Mehr Informationen, was ist damit gemeint? Der Aachener Masterstudiengang beschftigt sich besonders mit der Optimierung von Wertschpfungsprozessen. Are you aiming for an international business career? Grading of First Degree Held by Applicant. Sprache: Deutsch und Englisch, zugangsvoraussetzungen. The School is fast developing into a leading center of education and research both within Germany and internationally: A solid scientific foundation, consistent quality management for teaching, a strong professional orientation, a wide array of courses, tailored Elearning products.

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