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American Psycho (2000) Script Slug
try to hide. Christie sits on the bed. Kimball What can you tell me about Paul Owen? Luis Carruthers walks up to the table. Bateman I don't want to talk about. One wall is covered in a trendy, large-scale scientific drawing above a long, black leather couch. Evelyn Everybody's good-looking, Patrick.

He checks his Rolex and lights a cigar. Street- evening The financial district. Bateman (to bargirl) Two Stoli on the rocks. He sinks back on the sofa and shuts his eyes. Slowly he starts to squeeze. We fly low, heading in a downtown direction, passing over traffic-clogged streets, parking lots, white business buildings, neatly patterned residential districts. He follows alongside her slowly in the limo, waving a huge wad of cash at her. Bateman flops back down beside her and stares at the television.

Barcadia - night An insanely expensive nouvelle Italian restaurant all polished natural brick, spotless white tablecloths, minimalist flower arrangements, discreet lighting. Bateman We were both seven in 1969. Bateman (Removing his Walkman). Bateman We're not through yet. I need a Scotch. Listen, I've really got. They are all looking at the television, where Ronald Reagan is giving a speech about Iran Contra. I can only get these sheets in Santa. Bateman Then why can't they get these stains out? Sam smiles, pulls away enough to allow Mary to relax again against the pillow.

He glances over at Jean, who is still standing in front of the desk, confused. Wolfe glares at him as he walks down the hall, rattled, and gets into the elevator. Kimball Pardon me, but are you okay? It's a Dove Bar. How can you be so fucking, I don't know, cool about it? Like I said, you need anything at all, I'm your man. You have a very nice body.

Bedroom - later AN OUT-OF-focus home video shot of Elizabeth, Christie and Bateman in the throes of sex, in the master bedroom. I can get us in anywhere. Bateman Why don't you get another one? Owen Why are there copies of the Style section all over the place? Price walks by with a gorgeous girl and gives them the finger.

I did it, Carnes. I'm not getting anywhere. Bateman'S office - late afternoon Bateman sits at his desk wearing Wayfarers doing the New York Times crossword puzzle at dusk. Price (Holding the card up to the light) Jesus. Carnes stares at him in confusion and annoyance. Bateman (Examining a menu that says "Barcadia" in large script) Yes, dear. But we can't ignore our social needs. Bateman Don't you know this? He glares at her.

So okay, I pick up this Vassar chick at Tunnel-hot number, big tits, great legs, this chick was a little hardbody-and so I buy her a couple of champagne kirs and she's in the city on spring break and she's. Blood sprays onto the white raincoat. On the table beside the bed there are a container of Coco- Cola and an unwrapped, untouched egg-salad sandwich. Kimball What kind of man was he? Bateman Dinner at the River Cafe.

Bateman gets up and begins to dress, admiring himself in the mirror. Price Are you freebasing or what? Bateman (Deliberately nonchalant) Yes, of course. Bateman bursts in the door, late, and approaches the maitre D'. Bateman leaps at her, bellowing.

Did you you go to Dalton? Now, are we having coffee? Bateman sits next to Elizabeth on the couch and pours her another glass of the drugged wine. Bateman gets into the cab. They are halfheartedly arguing about whether or not he's lying. Courtney is blonde, classically beautiful and from precisely the same social background as Evelyn, but she is considerably more fragile and neurotic.

Price And Bateman, what are YOU SO fucking zany about? Kimball (Looking up, impressed) Nice. A chow or something? Almost in slow motion, Carruthers turns around. His hand shaking, Bateman lifts up the card and stares at it until it fills the screen. Bateman Shut up, Carnes, they will not.

He moves past him out of the stall and stands by the sink and pretends to wash his hands until he realizes he still has his gloves. Carruthers Call me please, Patrick. Jean I'll. Owen No, I want to know. Homeless MAN I'm hungry bateman I know that, I know that. Courtney (Lighting a cigarette) We were supposed to have dinner at Tad and Maura's, but-you know how Luis.

Bateman looks up and smiles at Price. Kimball I think his family wants this kept quiet. I know I have a tendency to get involved with unavailable men, and. I can do a thousand now. Bateman Doesn't he live here? I had a d some sorbet?

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